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My History (continued).

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I went to Manhattan College on a Physics Honor Scholarship. During my third summer break, I
started playing music, professionally, in neighborhood dance clubs. When it came time to go back
to school in the Fall, I simply never registered.

For the next four years, I toured with a "pop" band. I also did radio broadcasting work, but quickly
got bored with the lack of audience feed-back. Eventually, I decided that the world of pop dance
music was too small. I wanted to create more intense experiences for an audience. So I struck out
on my own, as a "Lounge Act." In the process, I taught myself Musical Arranging and Composition,
because I couldn't afford to pay for those services.

As a 'Lounge Act', I played local Los Angeles Clubs, played at the Sahara Hotel and opened the
Landmark Hotel, in Las Vegas, played Harold's Club and The Riverside Hotel, in Reno, and entertained
for many years on Princess Cruises. Meanwhile, I studied acting, and eventually coached at Zena
Provendie's Actor's Lab, in Hollywood.

By 1985, the entertainment business had changed and Night Clubs were disappearing, and it was
time for a new career. In the 70's, I had become an early computer hobbyist, and taught myself
Computer Programming. So I abandoned "show-biz," and got a job as a Programmer/Analyst at UCLA
School of Dentistry.

During this time, I became Choir Director at St. Martin-In-The-Fields Episcopal Church, and wrote
Choral Music. I also became President of St. Martin's Drama Guild, acting, directing, and writing plays.

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