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My History (continued).

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One day, I suggested to the Dean of the Dental School that he institute a course of study for the Dental
Students in Computer Technology. He liked the idea, and I became the first Instructor — and Course
Chair — in this discipline. Eventually, the specialty became known as "Dental Informatics," but I had
retired by then, and become a full-time Programmer/Architect for a commercial software house.

In 1999, I married for the first time. My wife's name is Sharron. We actually met on a cruise.

I retired for good in 2005, and now write, direct, and do free-lance web design and programming
— usually for free.

If you'd like the more-interesting version of this, I suggest you check out my comic memoir,
"Stories You'd Give A Shit About, If I Was Famous". It's in the 'Books' section.

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