Ray Malus

About Me.

Well, you've been kind (or lost) enough to come to this page, so here's the skinny.
I live in the Los Angeles CA area with my wife, Sharron. I moved here 40 years ago, because it was
quiet and isolated. It no longer is, but with a fixed income, I'll probably stay here until I die.
If you read my History section, you know I've done a lot of different things in my life. The common
thread has always been to try to make others feel the things I do, and to demonstrate the fact
that, no matter what you sometimes feel, you're not alone. To reveal a truth.

I was born exceptionally bright. I'm not bragging. It's a mixed blessing. Intelligence can isolate
you from people, and loneliness is a terrible affliction. "Smarts" also means that often you can see
outcomes 'way before other people — but you still can't change 'em. This puts you in the position
of watching two trains rush toward a collision, but not being able to throw the switch that would
avert it.

However, a high I.Q. has given me a certain amount of adaptability, and a knack for "seeing how
things work." That, and two parents who believed that 'What-ever one person can do, another can,
too — with a little thought and a lot of practice," has given me a fairly pleasant life.

I was blessed with two wonderful parents. and membership in the best society that has existed:
20th-Century America. (It will be quite a while until the vote's in on our 21st.)
It feels like most of what's brought me success is self-taught, but that's an illusion. I built on
the education I got, and mostly re-discovered things that others learned with a lot of hard work.

Now that I'm retired, I spend my time writing, and creating in small ways. I direct plays. I edit a
newsletter. I'm involved with my (Episcopal) church. I only leave the house when I absolutely have to.
I screen all my calls, because I'm happy with my long-distance service. I have a small garden.
And I do four crossword puzzles a day.

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