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All my life, I've been fascinated by passion. As I get older, I miss it. The "juice" is just not there
like it was. I truly understand that is wasn't Marguerite that Faust bargained for; it was his passion
for her. Women, please understand. Men spend their lives following their erections. When they no
longer point the way, men get lost. As savagely as we may sometimes act, you are the reason men bathe,
breathe, and bother to accomplish anything. And because passion is so important, I love to
instill it in others. Laughter, tears, delight, rapture ecstacy — even shock. That's the meat
of existence, and I love to create it. As you wander through these pages, I hope you get a tingle ,
a smile, a tear, and maybe some fire. If so, let me know.
If not, well, there's always Twitter, Facebook, and Fox News.


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